Town of Faison Website –

Website point of contact for the Town of Faison
Anne Letchworth, Faison Deputy Clerk, at 910-267-2721

The purpose of the Town of Faison website at, is:

  • to serve as a communications tool for the Mayor and Board of Commissioners of the Town of Faison, as well as the department Directors, and various boards and committees to the residents of the Town of Faison, as well as the people of the Faison Community..
  • to provide an effective and efficient “tool” for the residents of the Town of Faison and the Faison Community to learn of upcoming town meetings, events, and news
  • to make available for download various forms, such as registration for youth sports programs, etc., that can be filled out and provided to the Director of the Recreation & Wellness Center.
  • to make available for reading online or for download, various documents, such as the Annual Water Quality Report and Waste Water Annual Report.

Special Features

Translation from English into Spanish of all text on the website, by clicking on the orange Translate button at the bottom, right-hand corner of the page and clicking on the applicable flag icon.

Certain attached or linked PDF documents have been individually translated and are provided in both English and Spanish. All translated documents are conveniently located, under menu item, “Forms & Docs“.

Spanish versions of the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report and the Waste Water Annual Report are included under Forms & Docs, as well as on the Homepage.

As a convenience, certain other documents, such as Registration Forms, may be posted in multiple places, but always under Forms & Docs.

In the event that an English-Spanish translation is not clear, please contact the Website point of contact at the Faison Town Hall for clarification.

Faison TV is a “fun” feature, where video clips of previous events in Faison have been provided. These videos include the 2015 Faison Area Veterans Appreciation Ceremony, during Market Day 2015, and the final outs of the 2015 NDHS Lady Rebels Softball State Championship. These memories will been captured and available for the Faison Community to relive.

Tips on Use and Navigating this website:

The website displays and works great on an IPhone! The “responsive” feature reduces the size of the website to display in a user-friendly and visually appealing way. The layout and menus work slightly different from the desktop layout, but is very functional when you are “on the go”, and need to get contact information, check a meeting date and time, look at the “Town of Faison Calendar”, “Recreation Sports Programs Calendar”, etc.

  • if the user views any of the websites or facebook pages under menu item, Faison Links, the browser will leave To return to, simply click on the “left arrow” usually located at the top left corner of your browser
  • if the user selecta a link within a page, a separate browser will launch. will remain on your computer screen, under the selected page. Upon completing you viewing, simply close the browser.

Technical Issue:
iPADs have the same full display as the large laptops. However, there are a few technical issues that I decided to not let hold up making the website available. If you sometimes have trouble clicking on a sub-menu item, on an iPAD, put your finger on the desired main menu item, such as “Government”, and drag down and hover over the desired sub-menu item, such as “Town of Faison Calendar” and then quickly click on the sub-menu item, “Town of Faison Calendar”.